Security & ID Services


Note to all our fingerprinting customers: We are happy to serve you and accommodate your fingerprinting needs. Our fingerprinting office is open from 7:00AM – 2:00PM. Please call to book your appointment at 403 244 4664. Thank you!

Here is an overview of the services we can provide you:

1. Commercial Services

  • Large venue ‘Infrastructure’
  • Office and commercial high rise
  • Property Management,
  • Events
  • Conference

2. Industrial Services

  • Plants
  • Warehouse
  • Oil and Gas field
  • Power Line and Grid (Infrastructure Security)
  • Security support to Public Transportation services

3. Government Security

  • Specialized security services for national defense and other government departments

4. Campus Security

  • Safe Students’ Programs
  • Women’s Safety Programs
  • Facility security

5. Aviation Security

  • Aircraft
  • Airport safety
  • Staff safety

6. Marine Safety and Security

  • Waterfront
  • Fuel, Lubricants, Parts and Equipment storage

7. Healthcare Security

  • Staff safety
  • Patient safety
  • Access control
  • Attractive inventory security

8. Support to Law Enforcement

  • Photo Radar
  • Municipal Bylaw Enforcement
  • Parking Control
  • And more

9. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

  • Security orientated landscaping
  • Emergency routes clearance
  • Secure Environment Design for schools, neighbourhoods, etc
  • Active Assailant/Terrorism protection

10. Conference Security 

11. Shopping Malls and retail outlets

12. All terrain Mobile Patrols

13. Physical Security Surveys 

14. Personal/Corporate Risk assessments

15. VIP Facilitation Services 

16. Home and Residential High Rise security 

17. “Safe Travels Abroad” information assistance for international travelers

18. ID and Background Checks for Immigration Purposes, Pardons, and Employment Opportunities

  • Digital and Manual Fingerprinting (RCMP accreditation)
  • CPIC Checks
  • Background Checks

Our Calgary Office is open from 7:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday.

ID Services also available in our Lethbridge Medicine Hat, and Red Deer offices. Please see below for the numbers of our nearest offices.