Your Security Team

As our client, you will receive the best qualified personnel when you contract our services.  Our Commissionaires come from many different walks of life bringing a considerable range of life experiences that contribute to their effectiveness.  To be able to function and communicate effectively within our diverse communities we encourage members from all demographic groups in Canada to join us.

In following our government granted mandate, we seek out veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP who bring a vast array of security experience along with public service values.

Our phased recruitment process allows us to continually assess new employees for suitability. Potential recruits undergo an initial 10-point assessment and background check, plus:

  • Language proficiency testing.
  • Professional competences
  • Skill capacities
  • Government Security Clearances

Recognizing that the retention of employees is a key Best Practice, the Commissionaires complete a training program which provides a clear career path to senior management positions.

Additionally, our Commissionaires enjoy a comprehensive benefits package to ensure they and their families are cared for even in the worst of circumstances.

As a Not-For-Profit organization, all income received by the organization goes directly to covering operational costs and to our employees.  Thus, our employees enjoy the best pay rates available while you receive the best service at the lowest cost.

To ensure our employees receive the best possible support, Commissionaires uses a variety of means to ensure there is open communication through all levels.  We use Key Performance Indicators to ensure there is no degradation to the quality of support given to our most important asset – our staff.

For you, our client, the above means you will enjoy the deployment of a Commissionaire who is carefully chosen, well trained, cared for and supported in all facets of their professional life. They are fully prepared to assist you the moment they arrive at your job site.